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The Volvo parked in my bonus room.

My last post drew a lot of buzz-fire from the passionate runner to the quintessential miser to the knee preserver. Some of the shout outs I received were:
• Get an elliptical (I have one)
• Get a used treadmill (I have one)
• Get some rain gear and don’t get the treadmill (I have some, except what one would cover one’s shoes with).

The Volvo in the bonus room. 240,000 steps and still rotating.

The Volvo in the bonus room. 240,000 steps and still rotating.

The question at hand is not whether I continue to run; that train has left the station. The bigger issue looms – do we invest in a new piece of equipment for a new white-hot passion.
The purchase of anything over $100 really gets the work-over in our house. Should I? What else could I do? Can I get it used? What would it mean to not know the history of its use (everything is different)? What is the opportunity cost (meaning: what else could I do with the money if I did not buy it – for those of you sad, non-econ majors)?

Then there is the cost of getting it, assembling it and finding out there is something wrong in the firmware, the controls, the mechanism, etc… (Which is what I found on EVERY MODEL I read reviews on…)? All I wanted was a Volvo for the bonus room. I wanted a workhorse, a rotating electric sidewalk for when the snow came and I just could not handle the weather. BTW – this has yet to happen. I have jogged in rain, freezing temps and heavy wind. It was the snow and ice that drew the issue this time.

Since today was a running day, and yesterday was a sloth day (I did next to nothing but exercise my cooking pots), I decided to try to use the “treadmill we own.” Why would I stray from such a delightful machine? The last time I tried to use it, it seemed to change speeds and scared me. I walked away from it, and have not used, since. I chalked it up to the fact that the carpet movers did something horrid when they laid the new carpet. Sadly, something went awry in the old C2200. The battering ram of exercise, with its metal arms and a heavier than shit fuselage had acted like an adversary made me afraid of my own drywall.

But today, I gave a second chance. I decided to give it one last stride.

I accomplished an interval workout, including jogging and elliptical sections. No issues with the treadmill. No speed ups. No worries. I decided to use it till it dies.

So what will I do with the $2499 I was contemplating to spend on a treadmill? Save it up for a vacation for our 20th anniversary.

It’s about time we bought an experience, instead of a roof. Amen.

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